Training Kit on how to invest in Tax Deeds & Tax Lien Certificates which comprises:

  • 1 x 235-page manual showing how those strategies work in the US, state by state, as well as how to find, select and acquire properties.
  • 1 x 42-page manual teaching how Tax Deeds work in Texas. Maps, infographics, and other printed supporting materials.
  • 1 x tablet with tools to help the student organize his studies and research, including links to every county in the United State (every county that has a website).

Product Description


  • Tax Deed/Tax Lien Reference Guide: Comprehensive guide covering tax sales from A to Z. You will learn what are Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds, and how they work for the county and for you as an investor. Learn how each state does their tax sales. You will also find scripts and letter templates to help you better contact the county you have chosen to invest in. You will also learn how to buy online, from the comfort of your home. We have included an extra guide about Texas (one of the best states for tax deed investing).
  • Texas Tax Sale Manual: We have included an extra guide about one of the best states for tax deed investing. Learn what you need to know before, during, and after the sale.
  • Supporting Material: Printed materials like infographics and maps that will help you with your research.
  • Tablet: Have your student kit in your pocket 24/7. In your tablet, you will find both reference guides in PDF format, as well as a list of links for each county that has a website (more than 3000).


  • Email Support: Whenever you have a question, our supporting team will get back to you in up to 2 business days. This is an exclusive lifetime service for our students.
  • Atlas Hangout: monthly webinars with the purpose of uniting the members of Atla Training. Expect motivation, goal setting, and exchange of experiences. We answer your questions, share tips and the knowledge of experts and students who are succeeding in the field. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, every participant will learn and enjoy the experience.
  • Online Classes: those who like to learn by watching videos may access our online learning platform. Each video targets a different aspect of the tax deed/tax lien world. You will be able to watch the videos as many times as you want for one year.
  • Facebook Closed Group: interact with other members, share your knowledge, keep updated with our events and promotions in a fun, positive atmosphere.