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We have been investing in Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds for several years. They are 2 of the most ancient, secure and easiest forms of real estate investing available.

1 Year T-Bill : < 1%


Money Market (Taxable): < 2%


Short-Term Bond (Tax Exempt)


Arizona Tax Lien Certificate


New Jersey Tax Lien Certificate


Texas Tax Deed


Sec. 34.21. RIGHT OF REDEMPTION. (a) The owner of real property sold at a tax sale…
…may redeem the property on or before the second anniversary of the date on which the purchaser's deed is filed for record by paying the purchaser the amount the purchaser bid for the property, the amount of the deed recording fee, and the amount paid by the purchaser as taxes, penalties, interest, and costs on the property, plus a redemption premium of 25 percent of the aggregate total if the property is redeemed during the first year of the redemption period or 50 percent of the aggregate total if the property is redeemed during the second year of the redemption period. Source Texas Tax Code

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How a Brazilian immigrant went from truck driver
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Marcos Jacober, the CEO da American Tax Lien Association, is often invited to share his knowledge and life strategies. He has appeared in a variety of talking shows and newscasts explaining about Tax Deeds and Tax Lien Certificates.

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